cucumber cilantro margarita recipe

Cucumber Cilantro Margarita Recipe

I know, I know–this drink is almost a glowing neon green color.  Enough to make you nervous, perhaps; it looks like it’d be right at home being clutched by a stumbling reveler wearing a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” shirt on a bright and early Las Vegas morning on, say, March 18th of any given year.  One imagines.

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Appearances are deceiving little suckers, though.

What we have here is 100% fresh, natural green color from plants–cilantro to be exact–that grew in the dirt, not a test tube in a lab.  Mother Nature knows how to party too, you know.

Inspired by a margarita a friend of mine enjoyed and told me about, this variation on a classic has become a favorite of mine.  Cucumber and cilantro don’t really intersect much traditionally, which is a shame; their crisp, bright, green flavors mesh gorgeously.  In this case, the end result is refreshing–not syrupy, and not sweet.

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