New Year New You Paloma

Ingredients Salt 1/2 cup grapefruit juice 1-ounce lime juice 1 1/2 ounce simple syrup 2 ounces Eleven20 Tequila Champagne to top off Grapefruit and lime slices to garnish …

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Cool as a Mule Margarita Recipe

margarita recipes | cool as a mule margarita

Stay hydrated (okay at least a little bit!) with this trusty tincture. Reposado Tequila, smashed cucumber, pressed lime, ginger beer Ingredients: 2 oz. Reposado Tequila …

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El Picnic Margarita Recipe

margarita recipe | el picnic recipe

For the Coachella and Burning Man inclined among you, lay out the blankets and bust out the ingredients for a fantastic spring & summer sipper. …

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Mar-Kini Margarita Recipe

margarita recipes | mar kini margarita

Easy to make; easier on the eyes. Silver Tequila, pressed lime and muddled strawberry, touch of Agave Nectar, club soda. Ingredients: 1.5 oz. Silver Tequila …

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Sangre Del Sol Margarita Recipe

margarita recipes | sangre del sol

Chill out with this blood-orange infused potent potable (after you’ve caught the last wave in). Silver Tequila, pressed blood orange, house cinnamon grenadine. Ingredients: 1.5 …

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Rip Tide Margarita Recipe

margarita recipes | rip tide margarita

Cool down while heating up… this cocktail packs the perfect punch of sweet and spicy to accompany any ocean. Silver Tequila, pressed lime, muddled cucumber …

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Bride to Bee Recipe

margarita recipe | bride to bee

Añejo Tequila, Pressed Lemon, Muddled Ginger, Honey Syrup 2 oz. Añejo Tequila 3/4 oz. Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice 3/4 oz. Honey Syrup 3 Slices Fresh …

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La Pasion Recipe

margarita recipe | la pasion

Yes, you’ll have to locate some passion fruit in advance to pull this one off, but if you play your cards right, you’re in for …

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Heart Beet Recipe

margarita recipe | heart beet

1.5 oz. Silver Tequila 1.5 oz. beet water* 1 oz. simple syrup .75 oz. lemon juice 5 cilantro stems Cracked Pepper Muddle cilantro in a …

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Sparkling Dove Recipe

margarita recipe | sparkling dove

Punch up the paloma margarita recipe with bubbles and grapefruit for a spa day soother. Ingredients: 2 oz. Silver Tequila 1 oz. grapefruit juice .5 …

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Coco Cucumber Bliss Recipe

margarita recipes | coco cucumber bliss

While the coconut oil softens your skin and cucumbers soothe your tired eyes, why not sip on these two healing helpers? Directions: Add all ingredients …

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Sage Seeker Recipe

margarita recipes | sage seeker

Don’t have a Bodhi Tree to sit under and ponder life? No problem, our sage-infused margarita recipe will have you all kinds of meditative in …

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Bikram Burn Recipe

margarita recipes | bikram burn

If you didn’t sweat enough in your last hot yoga sesh, then keep the heat happening with this spicy margarita recipe concoction. 1.5 oz. cayenne …

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Jet Set Recipe

margarita recipes | jet set

Nothing can quite capture the excitement and zest you feel just before boarding for an amazing trip, but we think we’ve gotten close with this …

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Explorer’s Society Recipe

margarita recipes | explorers society

For your inner Josef Conrad, Jacques Cousteau, or Jane Goodall, add some authenticity to your outdoor experience with this classic cocktail. Best of all, the …

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Mole Mule Recipe

mole mule | margarita recipes

Perfect pairing as you’re packing it in and unloading the saddles for the night. Don’t worry if you don’t have chocolate bitters, this drink works …

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Blue Bird Margarita

margarita recipes | blue bird margarita

We admit, this beverage is more for the glamping-inclined as some of the ingredients are a tad hard to find in the wild. But if …

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