margarita recipes | blue bird margarita

Blue Bird Margarita

margarita recipes | blue bird margarita

We admit, this beverage is more for the glamping-inclined as some of the ingredients are a tad hard to find in the wild. But if you do try it on a rougher excursion, we won’t judge you if you use other (safe) wild berries or just some blue Gatorade instead 😉

Muddle blueberries in a highball glass. Add tequila, limejuice and ice. Fill with Jarritos Toronja soda. Stir and garnish with three speared blueberries and a lime wheel.

Silver Tequila, smashed blueberries, grapefruit soda, pressed lime.

2 oz. silver tequila
.5 oz. lime juice
Jarritos Toronja soda
6 blueberries